KIDZ Worship: we have created a place where kids can listen at their pace and at their level. Several of our adults who have a heartfelt passion for children escort the kids to another room right after the worship portion of our service.  There they get the same message your are hearing but at their level.  

April 23rd - A Day on the Craft Shed with Ms Kay

June 5-9 - Tulip Grove Vacation Bible Schoo

June 18th - Roller Skating

August 20th - Putt Putt

October 15th - Scavenger Hunt

December 10th - Christmas Shopping

Students (7th - college)

We have put together an entire year's worth of events that range from Boot Camp to Mission Ventures to Around Town activities and of course our Wednesday night TLC. 

My name is Abbie Coco and I am the Student Associate.   Since becoming a part of 318 it has turned my world upside down.  It;s taught me how to be a leader and a light in their world and mine.  Because of this position I'm in, it gives me the opportunity to speak the Word into young lives around me and make me want to be the best I can be for them.  I absolutely love watching Him work in their life and if there is anything I can do to bridge the gap for your student(s) to connect I would love to help.  Just contact me and I will be glad to sit down and talk with you as mom and dad or them over a milkshake.

March 26th - Roller Skating

April 20th - Sounds Game

May 28th - White Water Rafting

June 26-30 - Boot Camp

July 9-15 - Mission Venture North

August 27th - Scavenger Hunt

September 24th - Worship In The Woods

October 29th - Who Am I

December 17th - Local Mission Christmas

Men - women - family

Throughout our year there are an assortment of events that take place in a variety of platforms in an effort to either deepen our faith, broaden our influence or just better connect us together as a community.

March 24-25 - Men and Boys Overnight

April 28-29 - ReKindle Marriage Conference

June /July Wednesday Nights - Family and Community Prayer Walking

July 14/15 - Creation Museum Ark Trip

November ?? - Linden 318 Retreat

December 9th - Christmas Fellowship


Mission Mobilization Center

6434 John Hagar Rd

Mt Juliet, TN

9:30 First Taste

9:45 Call To Prayer

10:30 Celebration of Worship