If you are interested in setting up your giving through your own bank so as not to miss an opportunity and maintain your support for the church whether you are there or on vacation, please email me at and I will be glad to give you the account and routing numbers.  Some of our people simply ask their banks to send us an electronic check at an appointed time they have determined with their bank.  Below are just a few of the testimonies of some of our people who have made this decision.  

Giving Testimonies

With our busy schedules, fire department, work, ailing parents, kids, etc., we wanted to simplify how we cold tithe on a regular basis and not get behind.  We started off writing checks each week and when we missed a week, we would double the amount the next week to catch up.  Then one week, i may have run out of checks in my wallet, because who carries a checkbook anymore?  We felt like we were not being consistent and we were losing track.  So we talked to Leah to get account information and then worked with our bank to set up a monthly draft.  It was an easy process and now we don't have worry about it.  It's automatic and we know that it is coming out of our account so we can budget for it as well!  I feel like we've been blessed in our commitment as we have never come up short.  Angie and Dave

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