the fingerprints of God

Every single day, our Heavenly Father, reaches out of heaven and touches the lives and the hearts of His children.  This intimate expression of His love can be easily missed in the fast-paced world in which we live so we need to stop and enjoy the moment and His touch.  Not sure what we are talking about...see what others are saying...

Shellie - Florida

Thank you so much! You're an amazing fellowship, on the right track and appreciate your welcome to us as hotel guests. Keep that sign out, your church plant may have roots in who knows where! Lol...loved it!


Sophomore at Cumberland University

December 10, 2017 I gave  my life to Jesus!!!  I am blessed that my best friend could be there with me today.  I am so excited to see what this next chapter in life brings me.

Ronnie and Christi Kramer

I never imagined that becoming a Kramer almost 9 years ago would bring me here today.  I was raised in church, but never have I felt like I've "belonged" like I do at 3:18 tonight.  I noticed I hugged more necks, sai more "I love you's." and "see you Wednesday's" that I ever have. We truly are all family.  I am overly blessed, and thankful for the calling Dwight and Lisa felt to come back to TN and more specifically to Mt Juliet.  My cup runneth over.  CK

Amen to this 1,000,000 times!!!  I can remember the talk when we found out they were planning to plant and we were like "Let's Do It!!!" RK

Our church is located in the

Mission Mobilization Center

6434 John Hagar Rd

Mt Juliet, TN

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 2095

Mt Juliet, TN 37121