When it becomes personal

Up until Mark 4:35, the disciples had seen Jesus perform a host of miracles and touch a number of lives.  Jesus had proven that He had authority over disease, demons, devastation and even a few determined men who sought to undermine that great authority.  They had seen Jesus heal the leper, the paralytic and the man with the withered hand.  They watched him touch what no man would touch and talk to those whom no one would dare talk to.  But it wasn't until they had been told to get in the boats and head to the other side where it all became personal.  It was in the middle of a storm, in the middle of a sea, in the middle of moment of panic that the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords made it personal by calming the winds and waves.

It's one thing to tell someone else's story, how they experienced transformation and it's an altogether different story when its yours.  Join us in 2017 as we hear others' stories but as we discover our own as well. 

Study with Me or a friend

As we look to get started in 2019, join us by developing that Devotional Habit.  we are taking the 31 days of January and plowing through the narratives of the entire Bible.  Again, this is just January but its a place to start and who knows where the Lord will take you through tee rest of the year.

30 Days in December

Join us at tlC (transformational LIfe Change)

Our men meet one Wednesday night from 7:00 to 8:45 and our women meet the alternate Wednesday night from 6:30 to 7:45.  Our teenagers meet the same night that the women do in a different room.  All the TLC's take place at Brett and Angela Coco's house in Willoughby Station.

gather at the call to prayer

Join us each Sunday morning at 9:45 as we gather as a community of faith to pray.  It's a chance to ask the Lord to do something special that day but all week long as well.  Christians have long claimed that we are people of prayer and our churches are houses of prayer, maybe it's time we really become one. 

4th Quarter Prayer Requests

Scripture Memory

Since the beginning, we have been memorizing Scripture together.  This newest list represents the fourth year of Scripture.  Join us by burning these words on your heart and then show up in June and December for the review and fun.