It all started June 1, 2016

After months of prayer and three vision meetings in March, April and May, The 318 Fellowship met for the very first time on June 1, 2016  in the conference room of Hampton Inn in the Providence Marketplace.  Centered in the middle of Wilson County and the City of Mt Juliet, overlooking Providence Marketplace, we pray that the Lord will use us to build relationships in an effort to introduce people there to a profound and life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Randy Davis, the Executive Director of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, once said, "If all the people in Wilson County decided to go to church there would not be enough seats to hold them in the churches that presently exist." Thus, there has to be a movement of new churches and new visions that God can use to reach new people. At the same time, the neighborhoods of Mt Juliet and the surrounding area are filled with people who know the Lord but find themselves searching for a place of service and community, a new place to connect.

We know that we are not the only church in town and by no means do we think we are the best; we just believe that God has placed us here for a specific reason to reach a specific people with a very specific vision.   What started with 8 people has now grown to 73.  God has blessed and challenged and continued to tweak who we are and where we are headed.  It's not always been a easy journey but we have learned together that God has a beautiful plan in the valleys, the mountains and in between.

And now its 2019

We've been in a new place since Easter, the Mission Mobilization Center located at 6434 John Hagar Road.  When we're not in it the facility is used by the Tennessee Baptists and others around the country for Disaster Relief.  The move allowed us to relocate our Wednesday nights bible studies and worship to one location.  It also gave us more room and multiple rooms to do a better job with Kidz Worship and coming soon, Little Care (0 to 4 yr olds).  It;s also opened the door for us to do Back to School Bashes and the Fall Hay Maze right in our own backyard.

This year we also have been recruiting 318 people to join us in prayer as we continue to ask the Lord how to reach the community around us and the friends that live in our own personal Jerusalem's.  Our list of prayer warriors reaches across 20 different States and into 4 countries around the world. We believe in prayer and the God who answers those prayers.  

I know that the first time somewhere can be a little daunting so go ahead and check out one of our MESSAGES and the CONNECTING TO OUR PEOPLE to see just a few photos of faces and events.

If you are looking for a church home, consider stopping by one Sunday for a cup of coffee and church.


Below are a few links to the message series that started our church.  If you are contemplating joining  the 318 Fellowship, I encourage you take a little time and listen.  Dwight Moody, Lead Pastor

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  • membership leadership

  • membership importance

Our church is located in the

Mission Mobilization Center

6434 John Hagar Rd

Mt Juliet, TN

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 2095

Mt Juliet, TN 37121