Steps to the 318 Family

Joining a community of faith is a wonderful journey, not only because it's a chance to sense God's leading in your life but it's also an opportunity to connect to a family who loves the Lord and is striving to all that God wants them to be.  Like every family, it too has it's quirks and uniquenesses and the path below gives you a chance to encounter, embrace and determine if this is the family for you.

  • Start with the story

    It's a beautiful picture of what knits us together.

  • Give it a practice run

    Try out an event, or join us for a Wednesday night bible study (TLC), or show up Sundays at 9:30 for First Taste and enjoy the fellowship.  Get to know someone other than the pastors and see if there is a family connection.  Ask questions, join us for prayer, get started reading through the Bible: take your time.  We know that we are not the only church in town and every church is distinct.  Find the one that fits you and make the most of the journey ahead.

  • Set Up an appointment with one of our pastors

    There's nothing better than face-to-face in order to bring clarity, get your questions answered and start the building of relationships.   You can contact us through email or on a worship flap any given Sunday.