A Fresh vision for 2022

As we seek to fulfill our vision, our challenge for 2022 stems from Ephesians 4:1, 

"walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called."

  • Develop an Even Greater Understanding of His Word

    1. Join us in reading through The Word for Today journal or tap into the Inhale/Exhale link
    2. Join us each Sunday as we continue our two year journey through the Gospel of Luke .
    3. Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00am, as we  gather in small groups for TLC/Discipleship Classes
    4. Consider joining me on a weekly night at 6:30pm starting in January for Digging Deeper.

  • Develop A Deeper Desire to Communicate with Him Specifically and Intentionally

    1. Join us on the 5th Sundays to pray in community for the quarter that is ahead of us and what we believe the Lord wants to accomplish.

    2. Participate in the summer focus on Call to Prayer as we examine 8 essential elements of personal prayer.

    3. Connect as often as you can to the needs listed in our prayer page and fb link

    4. Maintain an active list of church families that you can pray for each week

  • Develop a Profounder Desire to Make More of Him and Less of Ourselves

    1. Discover your niche of service and leadership
    2. Find missional opportunities around our church and people where you can exhibit the love of Christ
    3. Reorganize your life in order to make the community of faith of high value
    4. Prayerfully embrace and assist in discovering God's plan for our future.
  • Develop a Greater Boldness to Plant the Seed of the Gospel One Relationship at a Time

    1. Participate in a personal evangelism training course (60 minutes)

    2. Participate in the enhancement of the Testimony section of our Web Page

    3. Pray about how we can offer greater assistance in the planting of other churches

    4. Participate in the bridge events for ongoing relationships

  • TAKE A Chance And Pour into Someone What He Has Been Pouring into you

    1. Strengthen your involvement in younger ages

    2. Connect to a 60 Minute Work Out and growing together

    3. Participate in TLC on Sunday mornings and sharing what the Lord has been doing in your life with others beginning in January

    4. Participate in the Ongoing fellowships as we connect and build even stronger bonds within our community of faith.